URB / Inaugurated in July, 2013, URB is a soundscape storage and analysis system idealized by José Alberto Gomes, and developed in partnership with Diogo Tudela. URB's goal is to keep record of the sonic profile of Porto, allowing researchers and artists to use that data set freely within their own projects.

Using Raspberry Pi computers located in four different places within the city, URB is constantly analyzing the city's soundscape and storing its sonic features in an on-line public database, which can be accessed at any time. Data is updated every five minutes with fresh values picked from Porto's streets.

Use the links below to get to know the architecture of this project, and to take a look into our databases.


Visit URB's Official Website

Download "Urban Sound Analysis + Storage" Poster
Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference SMC 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

Location #01
Rua Sá da Bandeira
Visit / Download

Location #02
Rua Oliveira Monteiro
Visit / Download

Location #03
Casa da Música
Visit / Download

Location #04
Largo do Carvalhido
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URB XY / Still in its beta version, URB XY is a data visualization software designed by Diogo Tudela to grant fluid and intelligible navigation through URB's stored data.

Providing interactivity to URB's static and orthogonal tables, URB XY allows its users not only to explore the recorded material in its individuality, but also to grasp its overall contours as a whole.

Check the video to know more about this software.


Download URB XY*
*OSX only. Source code, Linux and Windows versions will be available soon. An on-line version will also be released in the next months.

Click here to watch in high definition.